Google Tables Unboxing
Is Google Tables the new #AirtableKiller? Find out as our Founder, Jen Rudd, unboxes the software in real time. 
#GoogleTables is billed as an #airtablekiller. Is that really the case? Let's check out the software and my take on whether you should make the switch to Google Tables from #Airtable.

What are YOUR thoughts on the new platform? Please comment below.

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0:00 - Intro - Google Pricing

10:00 - Opening Up Tables

11:00 - Considerations for Migrating Data

15:00 - Why Google Sheets Doesn't Work for Architecture

16:00 - Features - Comparison to Airtable

20:00 - Software Considerations for Business

24:00 - Templates + Building a Bot for Google Chats

30:00 - Final Thoughts

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