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Jotform Tables Unboxing

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Welcome to adventures in automation. I'm your host, Jen Rudd. And this is the Jotform Tables unboxing. They announced about a week ago, a table within Jotform, I noticed that they've been updating their

interface on their submissions, and just wanted to unbox it with you, I spent about three minutes beforehand, just checking it out. And so we're here. First off, I just wanted to make mention that this is sponsored by adept interfaces. If you are looking to have custom solutions for automation, for structuring data in your business, and just creating a more efficient business, check out adept interfaces. And if you have questions on any software, reach out to me, I'm here you can comment. And I hope that you enjoy this little unboxing. Okay, so first you want to look at is, if you're in Jotform, this is my demo account. And so I wanted to look at

the new Tables functionality. So I'm going to go into my forms and click on my Tables.

And so I have a table with some submissions that I'm using on which is the caregiver application form. In order to kind of compare and contrast I did pull up my demo, Airtable base, just to show you kind of what I'm talking about. And just some of the differences in how everything looks. And so you'll see our Tables a little bit more robust, there's a lot going on. And that's because there's a lot of automation and things happening behind the scenes. And in Jotform, I'm going to go ahead and view this table.

And these Tables are dynamically.

These Tables are dynamically linked to your forms that you create in job form. So Jotform is one of my favorite form builders, it's one of my favorite interfaces. It's not the easiest to set up. But it's also not the hardest, and it also is very powerful. It does connect and Zapier, it also connects directly into Airtable, and I did confirm, they are not going to drop the integration between the two, because it would break a lot of infrastructure we have. But it's really important to make sure that while they're trying to build out this Tables, they're currently not going to make any adjustments to the direct integration with Airtable. So

you'll see some submissions in here. And it is a little bit more robust, it looks a little bit more like I would say, a fancier table. And

everybody's a little touchy. Um, but you can see I'm also recording, so it's in the way, but you'll see the submission date and that's prioritize. Um, I would say that I would not usually use a submission date as the first column for a data set. And just in the way that I use data. So I would like to add a new field and maybe add a

formula. So let's go ahead and go into form

columns, add a new column.

And let's go ahead and create an advanced formula.

And I get no information on how to do that. So that's okay. Let me try it the way I would normally do it, I

can guarantee you all

the breaks.

And so I am trying the

build merging.

So now if I try to create something and it breaks, it then pops this up. So let's try that again. I want to add an in column formula.

Next, Next, okay, and then so I can then do it this way so I can look for

first name.

I think

I have to search for it.

Okay, it looks like it's

never ticular order.

Oh, that's what drives me batty. Um, okay. Let's see here.

That's very interesting. Okay.

First Name


there is space in here.

Again, I think this is a little bit of just trying to learn the way that things are built.

See last name

no particular order

here we go.


I guess we'd have to fiddle about a little bit

um and this is a customization I would do in


is to be able to come in date I can say that word I can come into information


space that would drive me in thinking

okay, possibly.

I would just like to pin this column I think is what I would like to do.

And Jagat


drink it

years name

you're a fiddly little creature you

unfree of us pain

unbraced column.

Then I can go back to columns here and then move this up. Right, move. Thank you. Okay.

Okay, I want to pin this column. Right.

Okay. And so I've accomplished the same thing I would do in air tape now.

You see that?

That is so crazy.

Very funny.

Okay, now.

It wants to fight me. Um, let me see. Um, so then

you'll see that as I'm touching stuff, it does update the form the fields.

And then this is I guess, the submission date, let's see how it like dropped out the name of the column.

So again, these are new, any new software, I wouldn't like to say that it out of the gate. If there's something that's not perfect, I would just say that if you're trying to, I know. A lot of people have shiny app syndrome. So I just want to make sure that if you're trying to, you know, dump our table because you feel it's too expensive. Just know that there's going to be a learning curve for any software. And this is me literally trying to learn it in real time. And do it based on what I've learned in the past and what was worked for other software. So when it comes to learning software, I believe in the brute force mentality where you just get in there and start trying to figure it out, and then Google it. So this is what happens in no code a lot. And then if I need to, like do some loko, that's fine, but I'm just trying to brute force things. So

it does have that capability. And then if I wanted to add a new time, let's see what happens when you add new time.

Um, so I can create a table view, a calendar view and upload view. So this means that I would create a new tab.

I guess I can connect this to this form.

I guess I can do this.

I don't have any submissions in there.


probably a bad example.


Okay. So I'm going to add a calendar view and I'm going to do it off of this

So it looks like the data is

what I would call status static, right? It's not, it's not giving me a view of this, it's giving me a new entry of view. So like, I want to see, like, I changed.

I changed, um, bear with me one second. So I changed some email addresses, and you'll see that I last update. This one, I changed

the email address. So this doesn't look like it's a dynamic fields. Although it did.

Interesting. Um, because like, this is last update date is today, but I just changed this email address.

Now it's updating, it's just like this.

It's only picking up certain things. Um, so going back to my thought here is that

I want this up. So Sally, so it looks like it is dynamic.

And then

I wanted to colorize my events by submission date.

I would like to see the submission date.

See, like the submission dates are not really a date anymore. It's very interesting.

I guess if I move this over here.

Okay, so this is updating both.

So this is updating

and different fields. So if I go back over here,

is there a new fields

and then can I pull in a different column.

So here's the different field types, there's a date and time.

I can also pull in columns from other forms.

But I'm a little like, I like that if you could, I like the idea that you can bring in fields from other forms. So a lot of times, especially in the use case of you know, placement, placement and recruiters, sometimes you have a form that is a screening form where people just put in their basic information and we just make sure that they're they've passed the first cut, then you might have a second form that you're having them fill in after the fact which would then fill in the information into the same record. So the record would be it would consist of some some questions and then you would backfill more questions into there the entire record, which is what I would do in our Tables. So this one is a little squirrely

so I wanted to add a connection to another

form I can do so.

And you drive a car I'm not legal employment question at all. Um

so I'm unclear how that would fill in. So let's go ahead and

fill in the job application and see what happens. I don't think it backfills like I would expect it to




Your app

is awesome.

See if I can refresh this page, because I have a couple of entries

that have Hello Grow With Jen.


I don't see it that updated

every time.

So let's say you're gonna build a new form pretty easily.

And then

fill in the information.

Can you drive a car?

The links there don't seem to fill in that information or create a new record.

So I'll be interested to see how that kind of connects, right?

Like, here's genera.

I see. So yeah, you can pull in the record. So like, in that case, even pulling the information from the other column, right? So two, hundreds of Gen read.

But it doesn't tell me.

Right, because I can add hello to anyone. So it's not really giving me answers, like, from a dynamic point of view, like, I'm not able to say, Okay, I want to go into general entry and job form, in job application form and pulling the information, I just see that there's some information here, right?

Like I can put in

Hello, example, comm

2000 job, right.

So then I go back over here.

And I can see those two options, but I don't know where they're coming from. Right.

So then it's not, it's not really a dynamic link where you're able to backfill, you kind of have to manage it. I did look at Zapier, and currently, it's just a new submission.

And then

Lee was connected to my account.

Let me see if I can do any actions and john.

Yeah, so I'm not able to like update from one field to another end on form where is in Airtable like I can take a new entry and Jotform. And so like the first form, I would connect it directly into Airtable, the second form, I would have it go through xop, and then find the entry that hasn't seen email address and then backfill that information. So that's where you're kind of the concept is there I just feel like this is this is for somebody who really just needs a spreadsheet and would like to kind of group and filter and do some, some basic data, data manipulation. You can do formulas, you can learn a little unclear, but that could just be my novice. And then

the other thing that I do like autofill filters now is that you're actually able to filter because the old interface for Jotform if you have an entry so sometimes if Jotform misfires and I need to backfill, I need to download some files and upload them into Airtable because for whatever reason Jotform wasn't talking to Airtable that day.

would have to download all of the entries from a forum and then go into Excel, filter them out, and all of that. So like now I could say I want anybody who's in submission date and broke. Here we go. Alright.

So apply filter. So now I can actually filter.

Last updated date.

Filter. Last updated date is today apply filter.

last update date,


There are people with that updated date.

Unless there's more than one updated date.

Super strange.

And there's some submission needs.

Oh, you're so mean. Okay.

Can I

Are you burger evils here.

Um, so let me see if I can just favorite people that I want to.

Okay, so then I could, I could favorite them, it's probably a good way to

shortlist a couple entries. So the floor, you would have to download the entire CSV file. And for some people, it could be like thousands of entries, and then you have to filter in Excel, and it's just an extra stop, right? So then I can download all here.

Which is nice. Um, but the date is a little squirrely. Um, so in that case, I feel like this is a good

if you want a flat stack, and you're not auctioning off the data once you get it. So the whole idea of Airtable is that as a database, a very powerful database that has an or like link integer linking connection. So it's a true interlinking connection, that you're linking this record this entry in one table, and dynamically linking it to another table. Whereas this one is kind of like, you can pull entries from this one, but I don't know what that entry says. So it could be much more

robust than I'm seeing, but off the top of my head.

And just from what I'm playing with, it's not exactly where it needs to be from what for me, Airtable killer. Instead, it's more of like a, I'm gathering data. And I would like to do something with the data. So like, if you're running a survey, and you want to run it in

Jotform, you can do that. And that's perfectly legitimate.

Now, if you're trying to hook it up to your marketing tools, to do something with the data, that's a different conversation, right? Like, this is, this is cute, this is a nice little report.

And so if you're just trying to get some information, this looks like it's

like so this is great. If you're trying to

create a marketing like print out really quickly. I think this is great. Um, so if we're just trying to understand what people are saying in the forums and stuff like that, this is fun. And I think it's nice that you can generate this quickly. Um, and do all the things so

you can have like, looks like you can have

the caregiver table and then some questions that you're getting, you know, bar graphs out of, and things like that, which you would do in Airtable. And,

like, here's a score across all applicants, and yes, I would have to build this manually, I would create a new chart, and then I would, I would say what information I wanted to do, and then you know, putting it into a page, kind of a pain in the butt. But this is nice because it just gives you everything. So if you're trying to do like a marketing analysis off of surveys, this is nice, doing something with that data and you know, shoving it into a program that's going to run calculations.

Were you not like it's not there yet, you would download the CSV file and upload it. And things like that, like, if you're doing diamond ablation and are, it's fine, right? You're not doing the same data and ablution and Airtable. As I says, if you're trying to action and kind of run your business from a database, this is not a database in that respect. And I think that's where a lot of the Tables, the concept of the Tables is not to replace a database. And this is why Jotform doesn't call it Jotform database, they call it Airtable. Airtable does use the word table in it, but I think it it's a fundamentally a database that has some cool upgrades and add ins and things like that more is Jotform is a form builder, and it has so much better forms than Airtable, like oh my gosh, like conditional formatting, the calculated fields, all the things you can format, you can make a pretty, it's really cool. But I think that, you know, from a perspective of like,

um, is this going to replace a software stack? Can I get rid of that branding? I have a free account.

I use the free account for my demos. Um, but I think that it's important to kind of, um,

it's, it's important to see what the features are. But I would say that I would spend some time with Jotform the Tables and see what am I trying to accomplish the same thing that you would do normally, in another program and see if you can do it, that's usually how I evaluate software, as I say, Okay, if I wanted to replace this, with this piece of my software stock, I needed to do this laundry list of things, if it's not going to do it, is a cute add on to what they're already doing. If you are not doing powerful calculations, or not doing automations, if you're just trying to get the data in a table form, job forms amazing. And you can do some stuff, you can add the formulas, you can do some data manipulation within the form, you just aren't backfilling information, you're not able to upgrade and enhance the information, you're not really able to, you're not gonna send a Twilio text off of this, right. So if you're texting out of your database, if you're using automations, and Airtable where you're doing automations.

with Gmail and stuff like that, this is not going to do it. If you're just trying to get some information, be able to manipulate it kind of filter for things and kind of see things in a flat stack. This is perfect. So again, Google Tables, much more robust in automation, still lacking this, not an automation tool, it's a cool tool, it gives you some more, you know, information, a bit better data, it creates a spreadsheet that flattens your stack, if you're just building a spreadsheet, this is great. I don't think that this is going to be the end all be all of your automation. I think this is nice. If you need really, really powerful forms. If you're doing marketing surveys, this is great.

I would love to know, are there other use cases you would use, you would not need an Airtable or another table to kind of connect the data, if you're just trying to replace that Google spreadsheet that you're using? Um, yeah, so I think that's the biggest thing. I think that you know, you can change things, I would say you probably would be changing it here.

If you change the type of it looks like it's pretty dynamic. So like, a lot of times the questions I asked in a form, don't always necessarily match the destination Airtable. Like if it's a single select or multi select. Sometimes I do have to create a connection between Zapier and Airtable, because if I try to use the internal connect to Airtable, and the questions don't quite match up, then I'm in for a rollover because it will not connect Airtable to Jotform. So like sometimes I want things to dump into a short text. And then they

they're short text here, but I want them as a long text in Airtable, then it sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. But

you can see that you know, it has to be a one to one and most offer. No matter what you're doing like you're using Airtable. Whenever you're using a platform and you're trying to get data from one software to another. you sometimes have to clean it and make sure that it matches from the the interface into the destination point. So this one is a little it's very similar that the question that you're asking

They're asking them in Jotform is how they present in the Jotform Tables. If you wanted to do more manipulation of the data, then you would use a connector like Zapier or Integra mat. I like Zapier, just because it's a little bit less maintenance for me on because plants can kind of use it on their own, it's a graphical user interface, it's pretty easy to use. Integra mat is just a little bit more overwhelming, and but it's really frickin powerful. So there's a lot of different, you know, trade offs and stuff like that. But again, you want to make sure that

if you need to manipulate the data, you probably do you need a new destination, than Jotform because it does look like you know, and it's, it's obvious, it's not obvious, but it's kind of makes sense, because I can't click on like, last name, for example, in Jotform.

And be like, oh, change this question type in Airtable, which is a very, very flat form, I can say, Oh, I don't want this question to be a short answer anymore, I want it to be a drop down. And I don't have to reconfigure everything. Whereas this month, I have to go in I have to add a new form elements, I have to change the elements, I mean, I have to create a new element, I have to rename it, and I have to reconnect that fields, either in the integration or in the

in the table, right. So like that, you have to kind of deprecate this last name,

add the new field type, and then reconnected all the way through, which is true for most interfaces. But it would make sense even in this one, that if you change your question type, it kind of starts to break down the information. Whereas if I change a question type here, and then I, you know, I wanted to still land in Airtable correctly, then, even though I'm changing the interface field, it doesn't change the endpoint field, because the endpoint fields already in the database. And I can brute force it into where it needs to go, I can shove the puzzle piece back in, even though the originating field is different. Whereas job form, you'd probably deprecate last name, and then have a new last name. And, you know, maybe check digit adjust things and stuff like that. But that's kind of the bigger question, overarching question is that you can't change the field type in the destination point and Jotform it looks like because the logic in Jotform, is that opinion change the type of question you're asking? You're adding a new question you're deleting the other question, you'll see like sometimes

emails, we put in a short answer field and then later on have to change it to an email fields just to make sure that people are actually filling it in correctly, things like that. So again, I don't I don't think it's a bad tool. I think it's great for certain applications. And I would love to know what applications, you're like, everyone's just going like, Oh my god, this is the best thing ever. Like, I would love to know, just because it's helpful for me to see why a software would work as a flat stack and why you would actually try to improve the stalking, kind of do more things. So anyhow, I hope this has been helpful, I hope that you appreciate it. And if you did like this, go ahead and give us a like, again, this is brought to you by adept interfaces, if you are looking to automate your business, customized software, and do all the things and hit them up, it's adept And if you have questions for me, or would like me to look at some software, go ahead and put a comment below, I'd love to know

what software you would like me to look at, again, I keep my eyes out for any Tables that are emerging. I think this is really exciting that there are people that are software companies that are trying to address the there's no one software for all and i think that you know, a lot of software tries to do a lot of good and wants to be the all in one. But this isn't going to necessarily replace your CRM, maybe it will maybe if you're just trying to,

you know, keep track of you know, your

people who are booking appointments with you and things like that. Or if you're just trying to keep you know, an idea of who your people are that you're following up for CRM, or just a list of all of your appointments, this works. But if you're looking for more robust automation, probably not there yet. But this is a also a great tool and designing your forms and your interfaces is the most important piece. I can't do that. And then obviously the database management and that database design, but knowing how you ask the questions is 100% of it just because, you know, if you change a question, change how you ask it, you have to reconnect it. So interfaces are very, you know, very robust and very helpful, but they're only as helpful as the design that you put into them. You can't just kind of like

throw something up there and then keep changing it if you adjust while you're flying. So anyway

Have a great day. And again, thank you so much for hanging out. I know it was long but I hope that you get to see how things work and maybe not spend too much time yourself with the brute force and see what I look at. All right, I will talk to you soon.
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