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Airtable User Conference

In September, Our Founder, Jen Rudd, presented and moderated at the Airtable User Conference. The Airtable Virtual User Conference was Chris Dancy's epic idea of bringing together Airtable fans, pros, and users all in one place. It was hours of power users, fans, software companies, and consultants sharing their love for the SaaS software that is revolutionizing the low code industry. 

Jen was a part of Track 2 - the Add-Ons and Advanced usage of Airtable, which included a demo from On2Air's founder, Dan Fellars. Watch Jen's presentation on Cross-Platform Automation, one of the cornerstones of what we do at Adept Interfaces:

If you want to see what our team can do for you to automate, supercharge, or just geek out on ways to leverage your business management in Airtable, contact us for more information!
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